“Nowadays, Gropius would probably choose vinyl flooring.” This quotation is not our own but was made by Professor Dr. Omar Akbar, who was the director of the Bauhaus Foundation from 1998 to 2008. It is in Dessau, a stone’s throw from the historical Bauhaus, where Debolon produces ecologically progressive premium vinyl flooring. Debolon Dessauer Bodenbeläge GmbH & Co. KG considerably expanded its first modular flooring collection M 500 V Silence, which was launched in early 2012, this year. The collection now comes in five different formats, among them the new long plank and strip. Customers can choose among a total of 61 designs, including wood, stone and leather with realistic texture. In addition to the large variety of design options, the products have such remarkable functional elements as the V-joint, a high grade impact sound insulation system, uniform thickness as well as a dimensionally stable product structure. Debolon is the world’s first vinyl flooring manufacturer to do entirely without phthalates, using natural based plasticizers instead.

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