DIEPHAUS created a sustainable trend with its large-format terrace panels. Its latest highlight: the LUMEA panel in the 80 x 40 x 4 cm format. The structured surface with its unobtrusive play of light and shadow reflects vibrancy and ease and makes the LUMEA a visual and haptic experience. The timelessly up-to-date Quartzite and Basalt designs support the purist elegance: LUMEA terrace panels are extraordinary without ever being pushy. Their aesthetics combine a harmonious interaction between unconventional design, refined statement and high-value craftsmanship to perfectly bring out rooms, surfaces and interiors. Innovative production techniques and the sustainable quality of the concrete material create a fascinating flooring that convinces with practical benefits as well: LUMEA terrace panels are dirt-resilient, easy-care and very colour-resistant thanks to their high-quality, solvent-free coating.

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