LOOM+ Woven Design Flooring

Innovative flooring solution combining 100% reusable PVC fabric and loose-lay system with non-glue installation

Reinventing Spaces:
Reliable flooring choice of high durability thanks to premium woven texture, diverse colors, variation two-module types (50×50, 50x100cm), and luxury vinyl tile backing used for 20 years in more than 50 countries. Reusable PVC backing certified by ‘Floor Score’ & loose-lay system with non-glue installation minimizes environmental impact. The use of PVC fabric certified by ‘Oeko-Tex’ and ‘Greenguard’ prevents atopic dermatitis. Its ‘Clean-Cut’ finishing leaves no lint balls formed around the edge.

Creative Block:
Infinite design possibilities with module system
Various patterns in two sizes found from expertise of designers in Tokyo/Berlin/Paris/Seoul. ‘Accents’ and ‘Knit’ are unlike other PVC fabric lines for mix & match, made of threads in different thicknesses, textures & natural patterns for unique style.

Excellence in Dimensional Stability:
Five-layered backing with glass fiber has high stability keeping original size in temperature changes.

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