We have taken our well-known flat woven carpet tile quality one level up with a newly developed, innovative and patented solution, which has never before been seen on the market: we call it LockTiles®.
LockTiles® is a brand new and unique carpet tile shape with laser cut edges. This means that the edges interlock around each other and always will fit together in all directions – meter for meter, no matter the size of the area.
The LockTiles® guarantee an effective and perfect installation with a completely homogeneous surface making the joints less visible. The new carpet tile is specifically developed for customers, who want the best within flat woven carpet tiles and their many advantages, and simultaneously want the exclusive look of a broadloom.
• The carpet tiles can not be installed incorrectly!
• The LockTiles® ensure an effective and perfect installation.
• The tiles interlock and fit perfectly together.
• The tiles can be installed in same direction, thus an effect of a broadloom is obtained with minimal visible joints.
• Single tiles can easily be replaced, if for example liquid has been spilled on a tile.

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