The floor INGENIOUS GRID FLOORING is derived from the texture and timeless form of the Portuguese Promenade, inescapable icon of Portuguese culture.
The elegance of distinctive texture combined with the high resistance of the wood fibers, placed on top and glued onto a piece of plywood gives this innovative pavement an excellent performance.
The production process is innovative in sizing and cutting a block of pieces of 23x23mm square sections, after which they are cut into strips 3mm thick and are glued on pieces of plywood 12 mm thick. This operation gives the flooring boards their unique balance.
The ecological aspect in the manufacturing process is significant both in the choice and the use of minimum wood sections, obtained by recycling leftover materials from the supply chain, which would otherwise be crushed for biomass.
This flooring solution is installed on site mounted on a cork "blanket" 2mm thick, upon which are glued on the boards of GRID. The Portuguese Cork used is an element which confers both elasticity and thermal and acoustic comfort. The boards of INGENIOUS GRID FLOORING can be finished in oil or water-based varnish.

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