“Being unique is all about being different. Why try to fit in when you were designed to stand out?” This guiding principle was the inspiration for the development of Individuo.

With Individuo, Camira created a fabric which lovingly combines unique design with traditional craftsmanship. Through a unique dyeing method, Individuo is coloured in a structured but random way to create a fluid, graduated colour appearance on the fabric. No two areas look the same and yet the fabric still presents itself as a coherent whole. Individuo’s distinctive fabric surface is reminiscent of creative batik and fine velvet.

Individuo forms part of the Synergy Collection, which is a family of five wool blend fabrics made from a 95% wool and 5% polyamide base. Individuo is available in four rich colourways. All fabrics of the Synergy family support water charity, Just a Drop, and for every metre sold Camira makes a contribution to a specific project around the world, helping to provide clean and safe water to those in need.

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