The art of mixing
Created for Architects and Designers, iD Mixonomi is a new Modular Vinyl tiles flooring collection making custom-made interior atmospheres possible. Built upon the principle of combining colours and shapes, iD Mixonomi is an intuitive tool to tailor flooring compositions, from the timeless patterns to the most vibrant collages.

The 33 iD Mixonomi hues were composed as a harmonious colour palette that evoke lifestyles and trends.
Cosy neutrals generate subtle contrasts, deep darks feel rich and luxurious, tender pastels express sweet perceptions, bold primaries energize and spicy warms translate the scent of fragrances. A soft mineral texture creates a vibrating faux-uni across 30 shades. 3 metallic effects complete the palette to add accents of silver, brass and copper.

With 7 compatible geometric shapes, assemble singular compositions and let your imagination go free with spontaneous layouts.

Pursue the experience and build seamless transitions from one space to another. Online configurator, designer assistance and library of layouts are there to accompany your creation process.

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