HeartFelt® – creative canvas for designers

Inspired by design, HeartFelt® is a ceiling that had to be made. It’s the world’s first linear ceiling system made of felt, giving it a unique proposition in the field of interior design. HeartFelt® is a modular system of linear, felt panels (40 width x 55 mm height in size). It’s one of kind structure and appearance open up a whole new world of possibilities for architects and interior designers. Available in five shades of grey, from off-white to anthracite, HeartFelt® allows for endless variations in terms of panel size, grout line width, mounting height and colour, offering designers a broad range of opportunities.

Felt is, as Bjarne Hammer of Denmark’s renowned architectural agency Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects says it, ‘a material that stirs emotions. It is warm to the touch and has an amazingly natural look and feel.’
HeartFelt® is Cradle-to-cradle certified and offers an organic solution for ‘breaking’ light and sound in interior spaces. It creates a pleasant, natural ambiance while absorbing sound in an organic way. Combining aesthetics with true functionality, Hunter Douglas genuinely believes that HeartFelt® is the ceiling

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