We live in a world of colors. Squinting at the bright sun passing through tree leaves. City lights twinkling in star-studded skies. The gradation of shadows in the still of the night. How fun would it be if you could just grasp the color around you and express it your own way? Design your world with colors that stick! Sticking, stretching, taping freely. Applying colorful adhesive tapes is so much fun. Name any surface, from walls to furniture, shelves and shop floors, and even artistic installations in 3D. Draw colorful lines to overlay and overlap, sharing and following your senses and feelings, and then removing them without a trace. You can then start over again to create an infinite number of new designs.
The HARU philosophy is based on 8 color families that allow for new methods of expression. A combination of different colors, patterns and textures never seen before in such conceptual variety offers many new possibilities for creative individuals and professionals. “HARU stuck-on design” hopes to inspire a new way of designing & styling spaces.

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