Harmony in Motion by Mac Stopa – Networked walls featuring 3-D optics

A.S. Création is particularly proud of its first joint collection with Polish designer Mac Stopa. The founder of the Massive Design studio is a true multi-talent and a celebrated architect as well as an interior designer and industrial designer.

The innovative and unusual wallpapers of Polish designer and architect Mac Stopa prove that geometry is anything but bleak. The ecstatic graphic decorations in pink, pastel green, orange, and intense turquoise are the result of Mac Stopa’s interest in mathematics and geometric shapes – and perfectly express his “Think bold” motto. Futuristic and powerful contrasts as well as vibrant neon colours attract everyone’s attention. The honeycomb, mesh, and bubble patterns in 3-D optics set walls in motion. Boredom was yesterday. These wallpapers bring new energy and make a strong statement in every room.

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