The Handcraft collection explores the relationship between nature and craft in 4 designs that respond to the macro-trend of welcoming nature inside the work space: Moss, Leaf, Willow and Grind. Each design translates nuances of subtle pattern and organic hues into carpet tiles that provide a practical and usable covering in commercial spaces.

Moss honours the often-overlooked detail that reveals its beauty in closer inspection. Marking the change of summer into autumn, fallen leaves deconstruct and reveal intriguing time and weather-worn pattern in Leaf. Willow, a design that mimics the unexpected twists and turns of organic creativity. Unpaved roads carved through the landscape inspire Grind, a mini-tuft carpet tile that celebrates the journey rather than the destination. Moss, Leaf and Willow can be mixed and matched into one organic piece, with Grind offering a purposeful juxtaposition.

As an associate member of Healthy Seas®, modulyss has designed the Handcraft collection using the 100% regenerated ECONYL® nylon yarn derived from recovered fishing nets and other waste materials. The Handcraft collection not only celebrates nature, but is also a little kinder to it.

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