This fast installation ESD floor is the best solution for renovation in workplaces under static control such as ESD Protected Areas. Resistant to heavy traffic, it is a unique loose lay system which allows fast and easy installation and replacement, without any adhesive. Almost no subfloor preparation, you can lay it directly onto old ceramic tiles or damaged resin floors. And, with an installation speed of up to 20 square meters per hour or more, this floor solution will save you a lot of time. Furthermore you don’t have to stop your production when renovating your production facility. No lost revenues! GTI EL5 can be installed using interlocking system , or in a square shape with welded joints for clean controlled environments to make a watertight system. Thanks to its smooth surface with high performance surface treatment, GTI EL5 is easy to maintain and has an excellent resistance to chemicals.. ESD properties are guaranteed during the whole life of the floor by a specific product construction with inclusions of carbon capsules. Patent pending.

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