Luxury and stylish fashion can be animal conservation!

gripmore supreme biomimetic fish/snake skin is made of eco-friendly composition, Polyurethane.

Numerous discrete scales planted on a soft textile makes it like a real fish/snake skin, compared to traditional embossed or printed faux leather. It’s much more vivid than the scales-removed natural leather available in the market. Any fish/snake pattern can be mimicked via delicate printing on top of the skin. Substrate color can be shifted while the skin is rolling and moving which makes design diverse. The exterior appearance is not alike with different scales color itself, white or clear, even with the same substrate and skin surface printing.

Unlike traditional faux and natural leather, no pronounced wrinkling and creasing will be shown after using.

The skin features great hydrodynamic function, shock absorption and water repellent with it’s overlapping scales structure.

gripmore biomimetic fish/snake skin is revolutionary material suitable for shell of various merchandise. It helps to better products’ performance and design enrichment very much.

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