Ceramics are one of the upcoming paving materials for the garden. Ceramics are becoming more popular each year because of its aesthetics, but also thanks to its durability and unique properties. The only disadvantage is the (high) total project price. But with GeoCeramica®, the price is no longer the limiting factor. We have made great effort to make ceramics affordable and available. We are pleased to introduce to you a pioneering and innovative product from MBI. Combining the beauty of ceramics with the practicalities of concrete, GeoCeramica® gives you the best of both worlds.
The best of two worlds combined
A ceramic tile combined with a strong bearing and drainage layer is unique and revolutionary. Enjoy stylish ceramics with high quality features, combined with the benefits from the low, affordable processing costs of a concrete slab (Stabikorn®). The ceramic top layer is inseparable connected to the Stabikorn® layer with integrated spacers.

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