OBJECT CARPET presents FREESTILE, next generation carpet tiles: an innovative, especially flat weaving technique gives the floor covering its modern for a carpet tile extremely hard surface, yet still preserves all advantages of textile floor coverings with regard to comfort and health. True innovations break conventional standards –- FREESTILE not only sets standards in function and design, but also in environmental responsibility. The new Acoustic Plus Back Coating on highly compressed and thermo-fixed PET fleece complies with the enormous demands of dimensional stability and acoustics; at the same time the finely structured surface is suitable for people with allergies and reduces particulate matter demonstrably. Cultural metropolises steeped in history were godfathers to the 16 different designs (each in 4 colours) of designers Kathrin & Mark Patel – from Paris via Tunis to Tokyo. The key feature is that each motif is cut into an individual 50 x 50 cm tile. Freely laid, an ever new total picture is created, which is surprisingly harmonious and makes every floor an unmistakable original. Made of 100% PET the odorless and low-emission floor covering is 100% recyclable.

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