The matte finish has become increasingly popular in recent years but traditionally its prominence in design has been subdued by its impracticality as finger prints and marks show up easily on standard surfaces. Addressing this issue, Formica Group has used patent pending technology to develop Formica Infiniti, an anti-fingerprint and anti-marking surface with post-forming properties. The result is a laminate that stays looking good for longer.

Formica Infiniti recognizes texture and touch as the essential sensorial interface between men and material. Different from high-gloss surfaces or deep texture, it creates an understated aesthetic, celebrating the less, not the more. AbsoluteMatte (AN) finish touches the senses and moves laminate away from the association of plastic. In addition a monolithical depth of colour is achieved as no reflection distorts from the authentic tone – a materiality that until now was unknown in the laminate industry.

The product’s post-formable properties and its ease of maintenance, allow more freedom to create streamlined interiors and provides an additional tool to bring design concepts to life.

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