Concrete Formwood, a décor exclusive to Formica Group, acknowledges the desire for return to authentic and simple materials in today’s world of virtual interactions. This concept was reflected in the making of the design itself. Formica Group went on a search for the best original material, and found planks of reclaimed oak in a barn in Hudson, NY. In the design studio, these were hand brushed to bring out the saw cut and rustic texture of the planks. Concrete casts of the boards were then pigmented to achieve the best visual depth during the scanning of the original. Professional separations turned the scan into a printable image. Real concrete was used as the target for the printed colour match. To further enhance the authenticity of the décor, it comes in a texture that mimics the typical roughness of the natural material; a unique and innovative take on the essential building component. Concrete Formwood was developed as a True Scale décor with no repetition across the width of the laminate sheet of 1300mm. This makes it ideal for larger applications within commercial interiors where the pattern can unfold in full, creating a stunning visual feature.

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