FLURSTÜCK is the new brand by Findeisen, the manufacturer of needled carpets. The company, located in Ettlingen, is expanding its portfolio to include fitted floor coverings.
Produced individually and consisting of fine-fibre fleece, 100% polyamide, a combination of the felt-like look and feel and extraordinary durability is maintained. This guarantees the use of castors.
FLURSTÜCKE are particularly suitable for heavy duty use such as in hotel chains, retail and in representative areas – commercial and private. The acoustic fleece on the rear side allows ambient sound, increased volume and walking comfort. A specialized cutting technology enables exact and complex designs in shape and color. The first two FLURSTÜCK Collections have been created by the designer, Dirk Biotto, and the artist, Jeanet Hönig. And, in addition to this, custom-creations independent of the Collection are also possible. These are produced with the customer and manufacturer as “My FLURSTÜCK“.

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