FELICE – Innovation from the Factory

Felice is the innovative solution for contemporary home décor: The sophisticated module system makes it possible for you to change your sheep’s wool carpet time and time again – thus providing completely new design freedoms.

Idea: The carpet modules in various sizes, colours and designs can be combined in any way you like. All weave and colour alternatives have two equally attractive sides and are sensitively tailored to each other. The organic sheep’s wool is spun, milled and woven in our own factory. Slight irregularities are a testament to this traditional process.

Design: In her modern interpretation of the handwoven carpet, young designer Anna Mooren is creating a bridge between the traditional handloom and a very contemporary design approach. In this, plain and traditional weaves with distinctive accents meet to give the coherent overall picture a creative vitality.

Connector: The self-developed combination system is based on a stainless-steel Velcro system. It lets you frequently attach and detach the carpet modules any way you like without them being damaged. A special rubber coating ensures non-slip footing.

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