Dolby Cinema features breakthrough audio and imaging technologies in a space meticulously designed to deliver a completely captivating experience. Faceted acoustic panels are a key element in the design that maximizes the storytelling impact of the movie while providing other functional and brand benefits.

The cinema’s sound technology, Dolby Atmos, transports people into the story by placing and moving sounds anywhere in three-dimensional space to bring the movie alive all around them. The immersive, lifelike effect of the Dolby Atmos system is particularly impactful for moviegoers when the specific sources of the sound – the speakers – are not visible.

To leverage this effect, a system of faceted acoustic panels is hinged together over the speakers and across the walls and ceilings of the room. These panels are made of acoustically transparent and light absorptive fabric that is attached to aluminum frames mounted to the walls. The system envelops the audience, minimizes the visual distraction of reflections, contains cove lighting, conceals the perceived boundaries of the room so it feels larger than it is, and creates a highly unique and memorable space.

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