FabScrap is the ultimate ‘fabulous’ recycled floor. It is literally made from the left-over PVC granules that are used to create Forbo’s Sphera homogeneous floor covering collection. Each production run leaves some square meter volumes of colored chips behind, each time in a different color, and each time in a varied quantity. When all colored leftover chips are mixed together a new random, bright and contemporary floor design emerges. No production is ever the same, as such it cannot be called a true collection, but then again, it is! A collection of our scrap material, virgin and of excellent quality, resulting in a unique playful floor covering with all the high end quality characteristics of a premium homogeneous floor covering. A zero waste environment, almost too good to be true? Too good to just leave as rest material! Fabscrap aims at changing our perception of waste and rest material. Fabscrap improves Forbo’s environmental footprint and reduces waste, generating new products on an industrial scale. Produced quantities will vary and designs will be random, as we will only run the Fabscrap line when granules are available, this why Fabscrap remains exclusive and unique.

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