The Floor Fields Design Edition by Alfredo Haeberli is an appreciation of natural forms and textures. A homage to design classics, combined with unexpectedly new flooring perspectives. What is constructed makes use of the freedom of the unfinished in order to make room for individuality between order and chaos. The result is bold floors with a stylish understatement.Sturdy and elegant oak forms the basis for the engineered wood flooring Edition NEA by Parador and Swiss designer Alfredo Haeberli.. The engineered wood floor stands out with round geometric grooves in a minimal depth. Relief textures and clear contours make statements and also generate individual patterns. Depending on the incidence of light, the engineered wood flooring reveals its effect in the room in different ways. The irregularity of the pattern combined with its striking and finely tangible properties lead to an impressive flooring experience. The engineered wood flooring unfurls its effect elegantly in black stained oak.. The result is a floor that provides space to unfold and at the same time sets standards in terms of the effect of a room.

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