Woven from revolutionary fibers , Dickson ® floor covering options combine the remarkable durability of vinyl with the aesthetic appeal and texture of traditional textile carpeting.
By utilizing bi-color yarns and unique weave structures, our Design and R&D department developed a chameleon product that yields a change in perception according to the reflection of light and placement of patterns. Dickson has pushed the woven flooring limits by creating a living product with 3D and holograms effects that offer a modern and sophisticated touch to any atmosphere.
With this new weave effect, multi-form tiles are able to be connected, allowing for the ability to create customized spaces. The floor becomes an expressive area to illustrate personalized concepts. It offers architects and designers the potential to create distinctive environments by mixing styles and colors from the range.
With 42 colors though 6 different textures, the new Dickson range of flooring products offer the possibility to create spaces with the same reference while playing with the forms for a graphic and contemporary aspect.

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