Exotic wild animal designs continue to be popular. The new d-c-fix® Velvet Edition by Hornschuch also exhibits variations of the usual wild animal designs. But the self-adhesive film does not limit itself to the look of fur markings. A corresponding material feel also makes the animals tangible to the senses. Here, touching is not only allowed, but encouraged, because the wild designs are partially, completely, or even double flocked. The applied layers or embossings on the unflocked areas create 3-D effects and an emotional quality that is unique for adhesive films. These animals simply invite you to touch them. Expansive decorative accents can be created in the home with the designs, which express the owner’s own individuality. The Velvet Edition in d-c-fix® Tabora flaunts elegant feathers. But it also offers something wilder: the Amur leopard, white snow leopard, or Sumatra tiger can be kept even in the smallest apartment with their equivalents d-c-fix® Amur, Pamir, and Sumatra. The zebra (d-c-fix® Meru) and giraffe (d-c-fix® Sambia) hail from the African steppe. Wild Africa can be seen, experienced, enjoyed.

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