CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 Colours are music for the eyes – and crucial for harmonious interiors Colours trigger emotions. They calm us or excite us and – when used correctly – have many positive associations. It is said that they are music for the eyes and, as such, they make a decisive contribution to the harmony of a room. However, as always when working with colours, it is important to coordinate the different hues. This is the advantage of a well thought-out colour system, such as the CREATIVE SYSTEM 4.0 tile range. It makes light work of selecting a harmonious mix of warm and cold shades for individual creations. The systematic structure of the concept allows both colourful mixes and subtle colour gradations. 5 colour ranges that gradient in 5 basic tiles from a light tone to a darker shade and end in a contrasty decoration tile. The visually regular carbon structure that today features in a wide range of different design finishes makes colours even more attractive, placing them in a timelessly modern context. The gentle relief is more pronounced on the contrasting colours, further enhancing the contrast with the basic tile. The concept consists of 5 colour ranges.

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