Extremely practical and versatile, vinyl rugs can be used throughout the home. Whereas most rugs can only be found in living spaces, vinyl rugs blend beautifully anywhere: bathroom, baby room, student room, in the kitchen or even outside. Vinyl rugs are anti-slip, hypo-allergenic, moisture-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. Moreover, vinyl rugs are suitable for decoration in public spaces like retail shops, offices and anywhere design meets functionality. Best of all, vinyl rugs are 100% recyclable for a more sustainable world.
Our simple, stylish, straightforward vinyl rug concept, with a versatile collection of functional and well-designed lifestyle rugs, can be produced individually—even with only one copy. Whether a classic rug, historic tiles or playful graphics, our designs are able to match all consumer tastes.
Our European-patented combination of cushioned vinyl and photorealistic digital printing creates a new market of vinyl rugs. They combine the $2.7-billion market of resilient floor covers with the $2.5-billion rug business.

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