Inspired by natural phenomena; the image of sky, the shape of cloud and aurora that glows in the nighttime
CLOUD The glass tile reveals timeless beauty through its simple design according to minimalist which is idealistic. It is a unique gorgeous by hidden mysterious energy of the tile as it glows in the dark and got concept by an impressive divergence thinking which reflects complex image even easy to understand the concept and the sense of freedom to create individual and inspiring spaces.
Our objective is to create a distinctive surface texture of the tile for sensation and aesthetics while produce a durable decorative item. CLOUD is the result of the combination of glass casting methods. The surface of this glass tile is highly durable for all kind of weather and against all type of chemical substances and scratches. It can be applied in residential and public area.
CLOUD creates new experience for resident to interact with internal environment. Thanks to the mixture of special raw materials that make the tile smoothly glows in the dark with differentiated level. Therefore, the area where CLOUD is installed will reflect a movement in interior design.

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