Born of an unexpected source, the aluminum in these unique tiles comes from reclaimed aircraft parts. Throughout the world there are thousands of airplane graveyards and abandoned military maneuver sites which, thanks to the efforts of the clean-up organizations that work with CoveringsETC, provide the raw material for this recycling.

Until now, aircraft aluminum has been left to the “bone yards” for lack of ways to successfully repurpose it. The alloys used to make aircraft aluminum strong render it impossible to recycle in the same manner as cans or other aluminum products. However, CoveringsETC is able to melt the reclaimed aluminum into a block which is then sliced into tiles (much like a quarry would slice stone). This process using clean-tech procedures results in a very distinct, almost industrial aesthetic to the aluminum tiles.

The energy used in recycling aircraft aluminum is 5% of what would be used during first generation aluminum production. Reducing energy consumption by 95% greatly reduces factory emissions.

The strength of aircraft aluminum makes Bio-Luminum a durable tile suitable for high-traffic flooring as well as striking and innovation wall treatments.

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