The architectural surfaces of the Bauhaus Masters Houses in Dessau have been constantly remodelled and rethought by inhabitants and admirers since their construction in the 1920s. Due to the canonisation of the Bauhaus style they seem somehow sealed, and wait for contemporary attempts to be opened up again. The Bauhaus Texture collection by the designers Franzi Kohlhoff and Anna Teuber employs a playful method to extract spatial information from the historical site. The designers document these aesthetic qualities as well as the traces of use oft the Muche/Schlemmer Master House and facilities sensual access to the otherwise untouchable building. The basis for the textiles where manually made by rubbing down the uneven layers of the houses’ surfaces. These drawings have then been translated into a traditional upholstery-weaving technique called Epinglé. This technique which only can be realised by a few companies world-wide, creates an unique relief surface and complements the origin of the design concept.

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