Artistry Collections
The beauty of Asian handicrafts. Patterns and lines were made delicately by the imagination of the craftsman. With elaborately and attention to detail process, the results are spectacular masterpiece. Inspired by Eastern culture, Artistry Collection reflects sophisticated elegance of oriental style.

Manufacturing Process
1. Cut the clear glass into 4″x4″, 2″x2″, 2”x4”. The thickness is 6 mm.

2. With Handmade-Silkscreen technique, the Asian handicraft style of
patterns and lines were created by the imagination of craftsman.
3. Coating layer by layer with red, black gold and white colors from
various screens. The overlapping of colors coating created dynamic
effect. Then, drying with oven and preparing to be fired by Roller Klin.
4. Firing at a temperature of 820 degree Celsius to melt the colors and
glass together.
5. After firing process, rearrange each pieces to create a unique
6. Similar installation method as general tile and mosaic on the wall.

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