Artistic Liberties is a daring new carpet tile collection. The Milliken in-house design team took as their starting point post-punk and street art influences and boldly combined them with historic and classical references. The disparate sources of inspiration include ornate patterned jewels, elegant damask and brocade fabrics and the illicit marks made by a street artist’s spray can. The accidental and chaotic is married with the controlled and refined. While juxtaposition might be the starting point, the final collection successfully harmonises these seemingly discordant influences together.
The level of creative experimentation seen in the Artistic Liberties collection is made possible by Milliken’s proprietary, latest generation, Millitron® patterning technology.

Made from ECONYL® yarn with 100% regenerated nylon
Uses cushion backing made from 90% recycled content
Offered with TractionBack® for adhesive free installation
Produced in an ISO14001 certified facility in Wigan, UK using ethically sourced and wherever possible, locally produced materials

Improves underfoot comfort & sound absorption, reduces leg muscle fatigue & dampens noise reverberation.

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