The AR14 element is a versatile and combinable flooring system. The thickness of the element is an incredible 14 mm and it offers completely new possibilities in flooring. Despite the reduced thickness of the element, the ArsRatio element is suitable for many usage classes. The AR14 elements are installed in a floating manner, without any additional underlay mats. As usual, the ArsRatio System AR14 can be layed easily and securely on existing grounds for renovation purposes. The AR14 elements are avialable in the format 60×60 cm. The carrier material is a galvanized steel plate tile with polyurethane naps on the bottom side, which is glued together with the patented slot-and-key clamping system and the desired surface. The result is a finished ArsRatio system flooring element. INTERLOCKING The interlocking results by means of PU cones with back cuts in the precise size of the recesses of the metal plate. This results in an immediate and high load bearing capacity. After the laying, the interlocking system can be separated with a suction lifter (AR-Lifter). This is how individual elements can be replaced flexibly.

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