Leerkotte is the founder of fingersafe hinges in sanitary cabins. Their newest innovation is the patented ‘soft close’ hinge system. The soft close system prevents the slamming of doors and is completely integrated in slender aluminium construction elements. The inner mechanics consist of a clever system with damping and worm transmission. This provides a consistent closing torque while slowing down the door right before closing and thus letting it close softly. With forced closing the damping reacts strongly so that slamming doors become history. The soft close system is completed with a door handle in modern and minimalistic style. This one-handed door handle indicates an occupied cabin and can be opened from the outside in case of an emergency. The developed elements are completely universal and can be mounted in doors that are both clockwise and counter clockwise opening as well as both internally and externally opening. The doors can open a full 180 degrees and will be supported at 3 points, allowing tall and wide doors.

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