With Saturn, designed by Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera, Manital exalts a component of the handle, the rosette, which in this model becomes qualifying element. Rosette and handle merge to create an object with new designs and highly customizable. A new concept of handle and rosette.
The rosette is immediately distinguishable from other models for the important measures, it is 180 mm wide and 152 mm high. Moreover, it is composed of two discs, one external, from which develops a small semicircle extension to which the handle is applied and, one internal, that qualifies and makes the rosette unique. The internal disk in addition to being available in various finishes and coatings, can be customized through the laser engraving of a phrase, a logo, a brand.
The internal disk can be easily replaced and purchased individually, thus becoming an element that can be renewed in time.
The handle creates with rosette a game of joints and references of circular shapes: it has a flat shape in front and is curve at its back, and its two semicircle ends reproduce the curves of the rosette matching it harmoniously.

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