Pirnar Ultimum Pure OneTouch is the first door entry in the world to feature an automatic handle. Setting a new standard in terms of user experience, it makes for a lavish display marked by high technology, intended for the owner exclusively.
Before use, the entry surface is completely flat. As the fingerprint reader or another access system recognises the owner, a handle pulls out neatly and automatically, and illuminates the surroundings, while the door unlocks itself. Entirely independent of the power supply, a special spring mechanism is in place to ensure that the handle pulls in automatically without ever trapping and damaging fingers.
Just seconds after the door closes, OneTouch again turns into a refined surface without a handle, making it impossible for non-owners to manipulate the entry in any way. It is, therefore, clear from a distance that the door is locked and the home safe.
The entry being available in wood, aluminium, glass, and up to 3 m high and 1.3 wide per door, architects are provided their ultimate creative freedom.
Pirnar Ultimum Pure OneTouch is a door into the future.

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