KT FLEX Direct is the completely new, super-shallow drive system for architecturally attractive entrance solutions from DORMA. With a tiny overall height of just 5 cm this drive unit is specifically designed for overhead installation, offering for the first time the benefits of effortless ceiling mounting, as well as solutions with a glass canopy. Unlike the predecessors placed in the foundation, this drive provides a flexible integration of a revolving door into a building. The door can also be retrofitted anytime and anywhere without any problems. Revolving doors are an ecological access system because they hardly influence the difference in temperature between inside and outside. The drive has a very high positioning accuracy, with the result that after each rotation the system achieves the rest position – which is particularly advantageous for an optimum climate separation – with high precision. In daily use, the door runs smoothly and accelerates and stops quietly and effectively. The small dimensions of the product save packing material and enable an easy transportation. Moreover, the drive system is low-wear, facilitating maintenane.

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