Joan Meeting Room Assistant is an eco-designed digital door label and meeting room scheduling solution. Designed exclusively for labeling and managing meeting rooms, Joan delivers out-of-the-box support for standard office calendars, including Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, Google Apps and iCal. Joan connects to the existing Wi-Fi network and the online calendars already in use, is installed in just minutes and requires no cables, making it easily attached to any surface. Joan is the most advanced and greenest digital door label on the market, with extremely power efficient technology: its electronic paper screen consumes 99% less energy than other room booking signs. The eco-friendly Joan provides cutting edge functionality, without a single button, solely with its touch screen and its calendar integration. Joan stays autonomous up to three months. The fundamentals of Joan’s concept are accessible prices, made possible by Joan’s bottom-up design created exclusively for meeting room signage. Note to the jury: Find out more about Joan at The device submitted to Red Dot is in demo mode supporting a shorter battery life and a static user interface.

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