Improving upon perfection
FritsJurgens System M

You are not only seeking the perfect door – the pivot door – but also the perfect movement: the ultimate in smoothness. At the touch of a finger you expect a single fluid movement. Perfectly balanced. Fritsjurgens® System M offers all this and much more.

System M adds quality to the design of any pivot door: total control over the flow of the movement. The opening is as light as a feather, the movement extremely elegant, and the closing as soft as a whisper. This is thanks to our patented system consisting of two state-of-the-art dampers operating in seamless coordination.

The hinge system is extremely rigid and virtually indestructible. Our rigorous testing has shown that even after 1 million cycles (similar to 136 years of daily use) System M still behaves flawlessly. This is a system truly designed for the ages: invisible, built-to-last and maintenance-free.

System M packs an enormous amount of force into a compact space. To harness this power we have developed a casing out of a single piece of aluminum. We have also made the camshafts out of tempered steel for ultimate endurance.

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