The entire glass door of the GLAS / 17 series is flush with the frame. The glass is upgraded by the discreet fittings and its reduced, simple-held appearance and forms a particularly harmonious unit with the door frame. GLAS / 17 consistently takes up the form language of modern architecture. No visible lock plate, only a small stainless steel insert is used. This is not visible when the door is closed. The hinges hold the glass door in the alignment of the frame edge. Due to the changed folding geometry, the glass door is flush with the frame. The frame and glass door now blend into a perfect unit. On the optically demanding side the fittings are reduced to only 4 mm thickness and the entire closing function has been shifted to the inside. Due to the silent, elegant closing with magnetic lock on the inside, we can completely dispense on a visible striking plate on the frame. The glass door hinge was designed visually and technically to the new requirements. The previously massive hinge system is also reduced to as much as 4 mm to the glass surface.

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