Entra door model SUPERIOR SUPERIOR door is a step towards the future – doors that give unlimited possibilities in interior design. SUPERIOR system hidden door frame, which allow the use of any material finishing on both the door and the wall, making it fit in perfectly in the architectural design became an integral part of it. The hidden frame, which is the basis of this system is a proprietary solution Entra and has been patented by us. The unique design allows for easy installation in both the brickwork and carton-gypsum wall system. Superior frame allows the position of the same material on the wall, giving the effect of a single plane, while protecting the aluminum profile edges of the reveal. It also allows the use of the same element in the finishing pass (on a rack frame). SUPERIOR is a template for the architect’s imagination – it is the customer who decides on their final design. Its simplicity and elegance inherent in the current minimalist style interior design. Superior door did not have restrictions on the amount – can reach the ceiling and then you do not need to install lintel.

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