The Deco-rescue door is a wooden technical door for interior use only. The technical door is developed to save lives and to constrain the loss of space in nursing and psychiatric institutions. This door creates an emergency route when the normal doorway is obstructed.
During daily use the door opens inside the room. By doing this the door does not have any impact on the practicalities going on in the hallway (serving foot, people passing by,.. ). But in case of emergency (fire, a patient obstructing the door, ..) the door can be opened in the other direction. This can be done by connecting the door onto the fire alarm (in case of fire the door creates an escape route) or by a manual interruption when a patient barricades the door. By working this way the door avoids the loss of space in public spaces. There is no need to integrate a lift-lock thanks to the fact that the door opens in both directions. It also raises the safety for the patient and personnel. What makes this door even more ingenious is that this function remains invisible during daily use. It only reveals it’s true purpose in case of emergency.I.e. the deco-rescue a lifesaving door without losing any aesthetic value.

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