CUBE SF is a door system with a reduced door frame width that is flush with the wall. Thanks to this innovative construction, it presents a more sophisticated appearance in comparison to the existing CUBE system. It is thus in line with the demands of contemporary architecture, which is becoming increasingly minimalistic. Moreover, the clear passage width has been increased by 5cm, due to the narrow door frame. Thus, CUBE SF simultaneously integrates well into already existing architecture while enhancing its puristic ambiance.

The underlying design principle is that of a seamless transition between the wall, the door frame and the door leaf. The door frames are customised to match the corresponding wall thicknesses, and their internal rim width is derived from built-in door frame measurements. They can consequently be installed in such a way as to be exactly flush with the wall. In this way, CUBE SF fits in discreetly without the door receding entirely as a design element, resulting in a flush, smooth surface that is pleasing to the eye. CUBE SF supports the ambience of the room as a whole. Thanks to its signature door leaf, it is also able to noticeably alter the feel of a room

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