The door handle „Classico“ captivates first and foremost by its spontaneous elegance and its unmistakable materiality. The solid brass doorplate was designed in a three-dimensional slightly curved geometry with fine, horizontally recognizable cut edges. This structure marks the first perception of the door handle. The round door knob is elliptically shaped from the side, which gives this element a pleasant handling. As a small, humorous punch line, the doorknob has a small hemisphere on the center of the surface, which not only offers a haptic orientation, but can also stimulate the user’s imagination. The connecting element between the door plate and the door knob presents itself as a logical and independent form of anodized aluminum, which gives the entire door handle a special characteristic due to its angular penetration. Part of the flat surface of the connecting element is suitable for engraving names, lettering, etc. The door handle „Classico“ is produced in complex turning and milling process completely made of solid material. So far, 50 door handles have been produced and installed.

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