As a green and healthy desk ecosystem, the creative idea of fish and plants supplying nutrients to each other is used to improve the office and family environment, so that the living environment will be more comfortable and healthy. While the fish and plants being shared, they can improve the indoor temperature and humidity, and the additional clock and fill light functions are more humane. It is suitable for small family and office environment.Timing symbiotic system gathers features all in one, which can replace the fish tank and humidifier and other products. Timing symbiotic table has both fish keeping and planting functions, connecting the fish with plants to make both promote each other and grow more healthy. It uses plastic injection process, plastic shell and outer surface which can be contacted directly by users, and the design of frosted texture. At the same time, it requires strict seams and fine workmanship. Design style is simple, exquisite, elegant, which can highlight the beauty of the plant itself and avoid the product overwhelming the key elements.

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