The Squall vase, created by French star designer Cédric Ragot, looks like a whirlwind or vortex cast in porcelain. The world-famous designer, who died in 2015, brings the forces of nature into the living room with this unique flower vase. Powerful yet playful, frozen in movement yet full of dramatic tension, the extravagant designer piece from Rosenthal GmbH marries natural opposites. Immortalised in fine porcelain, the unusual decorative object will win you over with its immense charisma.

Rosenthal GmbH is synonymous with exclusive porcelain design

Represented in 97 countries around the globe, Rosenthal is a source of fascinating and multi-faceted design for innovative everyday items and decorative objects made from porcelain. The collaboration with the designer Ragot displays an understanding of art and a feel for style. At the same time, the Squall porcelain vase bears testimony to the company’s openness for experimentation and the extraordinary.

The limited liability company founded as a family firm in 1879 has many years of experience in the production of a huge variety of porcelain goods. Expertise and practical experience combine to create first-class, top-quality items and decorative accessories for the home. The different-sized vases from the Squall series stand out from Rosenthal’s studio-line range. Avantgarde in its extravagant, tension-laden shape, the traditional flower vase is transformed into a unique design object made from porcelain.

The unique designer vase makes a perfect gift

The extravagant Squall porcelain vase from Rosenthal joins creativity with functionality to result in an extraordinary decorative object. Its tension-laden and dynamic shape makes the vase an eye-catching addition to any room. The designer vase is a suitable hand-picked gift for a dear friend or relative. Its shape expresses dynamism and immortality at the same time. Thanks to its tasteful and elegant white colour, it is also a perfect premium wedding gift for a colleague. If you are looking for a gift that is synonymous with good taste and an eye for beauty, this progressive-style vase is absolutely perfect.

Squall: porcelain vase adds dramatic effect to your living room

Whether in a modern home or a traditional setting, the energy-laden Squall vase with its elegant design will fit perfectly into its surroundings. It is available in three different sizes. As a small vase of 23 centimetres in height, it provides a unique backdrop for a single flower. The 32 centimetre high vase is perfect for showing off a generous bouquet of flowers, while the 40 centimetre high porcelain vase gives a very special flair to a long-stemmed bunch of roses.

Product features

Material: porcelain
Colour: white
Height: 23 cm, 32 cm, 40 cm
Weight: 839 g (23 cm vase), 2.2 kg (32 cm vase), 3.7 kg (40 cm vase)


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