Innovative and ecological Christmas tree Spira is an elegant and durable solution for Christmas decoration. It is easy to set and store, yet its ergonomics and timeless design enable countless decorating possibilities.
Unique packaging solution of Spira Christmas tree offers revolutionary new way of assembling and requires no tools. It is on of the fastest setting Christmas trees on the market. Set in a minute, it will allow you to spend more time decorating with your loved ones.
Attractively simple yet distinguishable different, allows imaginative decorating. Whether you like it traditional or modern, it will create warm Christmas spirit in any kind of decoration and interior.
With its inventive packaging, the whole tree is stored in compact cardboard box (75x75x5cm). Smart flat-pack design is easily tucked under the bed, or behind the closet and stays there safe, until next Christmas.
Taking really little space when packed, it is also an ideal tool for decoraters.

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