A peg board with color texture printing.
Different from existing black, white, grain textured peg boards, this item can be applied to walls for a new type of storage or decoration.
The original idea derived from the needs of using limited space wisely for Japanese small houses. In addition it was created for women for an easy and simple trigger to DIY.
Boards are already cut and sold in the size just right, so that DIY beginners are able to use soon after their purchase without taking time to use electric tools to pre-cut. Therefore, users will not need a particular DIY space for the whole process.
There are several printing patterns, making it possible for users to connect and combine according to their preference. Special process has been done to the surface of the board for a more realistic texture.
In addition, this product was able to increase peg board sales by 3.6 times only 3 months from after its’ release, contributing to a new idea for its’ usage.
This will attract more users to the DIY market at the same time widening the possibility of peg boards.

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