The innovation value of the self-standing MooN LIGHT candle holder lies in its function. It bridles fire to provide light and contemplative atmosphere and increases the level of safety by means of improved resistance to shaking and space movements. As a heavy iron casted product, it bears accentuated stability and durability, yet appears light and airy in its form. By providing solely round shapes, smooth finishes and no extremities, its design is logical by construction and consistent in its composition. It is based on the form that is pursued by the design modularity of the MooN LIGHT product family. Combining the contemporary approach in design and centuries of manufacturing tradition based on highly valued knowledge, the MooN LIGHT is the result of a serial manufacturing line. It is made from 100% recycled ductile cast iron, which is well-suited for high-efficiency CNC machining. It is not user-, age- or culture-specific but sends out the universal message of human mastering the fire; a product of a truly global dimension. The end user is granted a lifetime guarantee on the MooN LIGHT cast iron.

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