A product which you can freely combine to make wood walls or shelves.
The background of this item came from the recent DIY boom, with peoples’ desire for an easier, simple, safe interior rearrangement.
This item is focused on not using any tools and keeping the natural wood texture.
It can be easily applied to walls with double-sided tape, with no need to use huge electronic tools or screwdrivers.
Staple gun tackers would be needed in occasions, however, the staples/nails would not be seen due to its’ special shape even after they are applied.
A free combination is possible by stabilizing the double-sided tape which makes it easier for people to rearrange their rooms. In order to prevent the wood from bending, slits are applied on the back. In addition, the tongue is 5:5 and reversible use is possible.
Users are able to use the slit to put hooks or shelves, making it feasible for people to create what they imagined. Also, after applying to a flat surface, tiles can be used for decoration.
Different shapes and sizes will be a good accent for the walls, and could also be used for wall protection for wheelchairs. Depending on the user, wide variations of combination is possible

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