Flux builds a bridge between architecture and interior design. This wall panel made out of technological quartz is like a skin or organic layer for a space, like a breathing object that gives opportunity for further architectural creativity.
Its adaption to individual spaces can be done through scaling or the panel can be distorted by means of CAD-technology. Flux allows not only to leave out parts for windows and doors but also follows the wall’s three-dimensional flow.
Therefore, it can be adjusted to the customer’s demands – it could even serve as a façade of a house or building.
In contrast to ordinary wall panels Flux shows a complex design without repetition. In this way it loosens architecture’s traditional geometry and satisfies one’s desire for natural forms.
The material, technological quartz, is highly flexible and can be modelled as a thin layer. Thus, it facilitates its production and installation. What is more: the specific material guarantees durability.
Flux is not only a convincing piece of design, but also works as a diffuser – its irregular forms disperse noise and create a pleasant acoustic atmosphere.

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